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Here you have the opportunity to be fully informed about our beekeeping and our product range. 


In 2009 we started beekeeping with 3 colonies. The bees were the legacy of an old beekeeper that had a year earlier "infected" us with the bees. It was and is beautiful to watch the bees flying and how the bees came back with pollen. It has a soothing and relaxing effect. We then had a nice hobby.


Over time it became more. Now we are richer in knowledge and experience. Courses contributed to our development. We are members of the District Beekeepers Association Besigheim, Heilbronn and are also members of the German Beekeepers' Association. Patrick has been elected to the board of the District Beekeepers Association and we were both qualified Bee health examiners.


What began as a hobby to start, with only 3 hives has evolved into a passion. First, the number of our hives grew, then we started traveling with the bees to different locations and thus more varieties of honey were added. It was followed by an expansion of the range of other bee products such as Propolis tincture, Propolis ointment and honey liqueur. We also give demonstration to the public on taking care of the bees and harvesting the honey.


Honey is a natural product and our honey is meets the strict quality guidelines of the German Beekeepers' Association. We have our own wax and do not treat our bees with chemical or drugs. 


For example, to harvest forest and pine honey, we go to the Black Forest in a nature reserve with our bees. The bees are in a small clearing, surrounded by wildflower meadows and forest.


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Patrick & Cornelia Schooler

 Euodia hupehensis


The Euodia hupehensis grows as a deciduous shrub or tree and can reach heights of growth to 9 meters . The bark of the trunk is smooth and gray and is similar so that the bark of the beech .

The opposite, unpaired pinnate leaves are 15-44 cm long. The five to nine , sometimes even eleven leaflets are broadly ovate to lanceolate, sometimes elliptic. The leaves are glossy dark green on the underthe Euodia is hardy and is grown mainly as a honey plant .

The flowering period extends from about June to September. The inflorescences are about 3.5 to 19 centimeters tall . The unisexual flowers are fivegroups, partly cruciform . The little , fused at their base sepals are 0.5 to 1.5 mm in size . The white to pale brownish petals are 3-5 millimeters in size. It is a discus available . Most five ordinary follicles are fused at their base , and they mature from August to November . The roundish , black seeds are about 2-4 millimeters in size.


The hupehensis is winter hard. Other Euodias are not.


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